We are delighted to announce our collaboration with children’s interactive book experience specialists, Gumption Squad. 

Gumption Squad creates interactive book experiences for children. We’re excited to be working together to aid in producing memorable, educational experiences for the next generation. 


Get to know Gumption Squad 

Gumption Squad is a product of The Feminist Directory. They aim to empower children with role models at a pivotal stage in their development by offering a subscription series for kids ages 7-11 that spotlights the stories of women through history. 


They are an immersive literature experience with a focus on community. In their programme, kids are recruited to join an elite secret service, which provides them with a time travelling mission brief each month. They gamify learning. 


Gumption Squad x biild 

“We approached biild to manufacture and design some costume pieces. Storytelling is at the centre of what we do and costume is a key part of that. We are working on a massive world build for the launch of our company. 

We were looking for a distinctive uniform for our Gumption Squad Agents. These are characters that belong to an elite secret service who needed to feel both historical and ultra modern/ tech savvy. These will be worn by actors who are interacting with children within large spaces and needed to be recognisable from a distance as well as photograph well. 

The costume’s shoulder piece is a key storytelling feature. It needs to communicate the historical nature of the secret society whilst not being antiquated. On a practical level, the actors need to be able to move comfortably, even when they are being very physical. The pieces needed to be lightweight enough to wear all day but durable to withstand long hours and tiny hands.” 

- Maria Austin – Gumption Squad 


A product design agency for successful startups 

We are proud that we have years of experience in helping startups develop and launch successful products and believe our latest win with Gumption Squad will prove to be another success. 


The journey of pushing a new innovative product idea through to market & final production is long, especially for startups who are beginning the journey for the first time. Our product development consultancy can assist with all elements of research, design & development. Including helping startups to gain access to funding & grants that they are eligible for. 


Product Design Agency Works With Children’s Interactive Book Startup

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By Aaron Seager