Purpose with

We collaborate with forward-thinkers and business leaders, to create products that deliver economic growth alongside social and environmental improvements.

We understand that the new era of product development poses practical challenges. It’s a complex balancing act between meeting the shifting demands of your customers and achieving commercial success.

Together we can find a pragmatic way to build responsibly and ensure your business thrives.

Our values

Our values and behaviours are more than just words.
They are a set of expectations that we hold ourselves,
as a leading product design consultancy in the UK, to and
encourage in our clients and collaborators.


Start with success in mind

Leave no stone unturned 

Break the mould


Make it right

Realise the potential

Enjoy the journey


It's all in the detail

Focus where it matters

Rise to the challenge


You’re an agile start up, SME or industry leader. You have a belief in your idea and the drive to make it succeed. Your ambition is to create products and services that deliver positive change. You want to collaborate with people who listen, understand, respond and deliver.

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biild is on a journey of evolution and transformation.

We started as a product development division of AME Group in 2000. Over the years we’ve gained unique insight and experience into the process of developing products. We are now proud to be one of the UK's leading product design companies.

After witnessing growing frustrations from consumers and companies towards the lack of responsibly designed products, we had a rethink and decided it’s time for change. Our long-term goal is to re-shape how products can be responsibly designed and manufactured, while helping our clients excel in their markets.

We aim to be at the forefront of the new era of product development. With our in-house facilities, we can offer a unique end-to-end service that takes products from an idea through to market.

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Our team

We are a team of creative thinkers, product designers, engineers and makers coming together with a shared vision to deliver and celebrate the commercial success of our clients and their product outcomes.

We harness each other’s skills to support and grow together, bringing our clients on the journey and building lasting relationships along the way.