Our approach




We work together to support you through your product design & development journey.

We combine your knowledge with our understanding and experience to help mitigate the risk, manage the cost and control the timescale of bringing a product to market.

Our unique three stage development process reflects the customised path a project will typically take, offering the flexibility you need and ensuring you get the most successful outcome.


Successful products stem from gaining a deep understanding of the social, cultural and environmental context of your product use.

Together we explore and outline product opportunities by gathering information about market requirements and by identifying emerging trends.

Fundamentally responding to user needs, this process enables strategic, evidence-based decisions to be made, and results in richer outcomes.

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Inspired by the findings from the Insight phase, we generate a range of concepts that integrate research, technical knowledge and creative thinking.

Exploring and defining the product opportunity, we’ll work to establish the design intent, feasibility and positioning in the market.

By harnessing the opinions of stakeholders and consumers, we methodically narrow the scope of ideas into a single, viable solution.

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We will drive your concept through to market by ensuring the product is in line with your commercial objectives and that it retains its original design intent.

Engineering, prototyping and testing your product solution, we mitigate risk and ensure viability for volume production. Working with our partners, we can facilitate the manufacturing and delivery of your product.

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