Circular Design

Designing Sustainable
Solutions, To Everyday

Our services are about more than product design with purpose, they’re about ensuring sustainability is at the forefront of our decision-making process, through our clients’ creative timeline.

At biild, we let the principles of the circular economy push us forward, in order to create: 

  • Products that are designed to be reused and recycled. 
  • Product design and development tactics that enable durability and longevity.  
  • Conversations with our clients, that encourage sustainable solutions to a product’s life cycle and discourage waste.  
  • Our own internal design and product development processes reduce and offset carbon emissions.
Sustainable Product Design

Closing the loop

We pride ourselves on evolving from the linear design model, not only thinking about the end user’s problem but discussing why they face these challenges. This back-to-basics thinking gives us the ability to curate genuinely innovative, sustainable products with purpose and be present, at key moments of global change.

A Consumer Revolution


of shoppers say they consider sustainability when
making a purchase

An Eco-wakening The Economist 2019


of consumers say that putting profit before people will lose trust in that brand forever

Edelman Trust Barometer Report 2020


increase in household spend on sustainable & ethical products over the last 10 years

Co-op Ethical Consumerism Report 2021


the UK's spend on sustainable & ethical products in

Co-op Ethical Consumerism Report 2021

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Sustainable Product Design

The stakes are high

£3.8bn in lost revenue for UK
brands boycotted by
consumers on ethical
or social concerns

The Global Sustainability Study 2020

Our Circular Design Approach

We know that our clients want to be a force of positive change within their industry, revolutionising their marketplace and giving new life to a product, or perhaps creating a new sustainable product, entirely. 

With this in mind, biild’s three-stage product design process enables us to produce unique commodities, ready for market.


Delving into our client’s marketplaces, we get to grips with the social, cultural and economic characteristics of their target audiences. We identify emerging trends and understand industry requirements. Our circular economy mindset allows us to explore just how far we can go, in order to make our product
designs contribute to
closing the loop.


Using our knowledge, from the Insight phase, we capitalise on positive characteristics and aim to minimise single-use or wasteful aspects. Our dedication to innovation and sustainability has meant that we explore what a product is capable of, not just what it needs to do. This phase aims to increase the lifetime value of advice
and showcase industry
best practices.


A product design is nothing if it can’t be validated. Taking our clients’ ideas right through to market, we are able to test and monitor the true impact of these designs. We take every opportunity to optimise the product we are helping to develop, from sourcing infinitely recyclable materials to crafting something with multiple uses, as every item makes its way through the lifecycle.

Time for action