We will drive your concept through to market by ensuring the product is in line with your commercial objectives and that it retains its original design intent.

Engineering, prototyping and testing your product solution, we mitigate risk and ensure viability for volume production. Working with our partners, we can facilitate the manufacturing and delivery of your product.

Start testing your designs.


Prototyping is an essential step in the product development process that offers numerous benefits, including risk reduction, user feedback, iterative improvements, and cost savings. By creating and testing prototypes, companies can increase the likelihood of developing successful, user-centered, and market-ready products.

Design For Manufacture

Design for Manufacture principles lead to products that are easier and more cost-effective to produce, have better quality and reliability, and can be brought to market more quickly. It fosters a holistic approach to product development that considers the entire lifecycle, from design to production, and results in better outcomes for both manufacturers and end-users.

Supplier Liaison

Developing those key relationships & long-term partnerships with suppliers is vital towards the later stages of product development. biild have multiple connections to suppliers who are able to facilitate the end production of your product at a cost-effective price.

Material Guidance

Choosing the right materials is the foundation to a successful product. Multiple factors weigh in on choosing the right material, including intended purpose of the product, longevity as well as the environmental impact when the product reaches end of life. Our designers have experience of transitioning from single-use materials to more environmentally conscious ones.

Delivery of Product Facilitation

Delivery of product facilitation refers to the process of coordinating and managing the successful delivery of products to customers or end-users. It involves all the activities, logistics, and efforts required to ensure that the product reaches its intended recipients while meeting quality standards and customer expectations.