CNIguard | Manhole Monitoring System

The early warning system helping protect people

CNIguard produce a range of monitoring products to protect critical infrastructure such as gas, water and electric supply. Degraded power lines are a major cause of manhole incidents in New York City and can lead to significant disruption in the network supply. The consequences can be serious, as electrified manholes and exploding covers can injure or kill.

The developed manhole monitoring system delivers an early warning system by continually monitoring manhole events such as stray voltage, floods and gas leaks. This data is sent to a central hub and enables maintenance teams to rapidly respond to any incident.

biild’s risk mitigation process was critical to the product’s success. Through continual development, prototyping and test cycles we ensured the device was suitable for the harsh environments in which it would be used. This removed the device’s potential for failure when in the field, which was vital to CNi Guard.

Product Design Agency, Sheffield UK Design and Development Company

“biild’s team have a natural ability to create and nurture successful working relationships.

Their combination of experience and knowledge, along with empathy and understanding of the problem is enlightening and results in enjoyable experience, whilst ensuring the success of the product outcome.”

CEO, CNIguard 

Product Design Company - CNIGuard Case Study CNIGuard Product Case Study