Tommee Tippee® | No-Knock Cup 

Enabling parents to embracethe rollercoaster ride of bringingup a baby.

We worked with the team at Tommee Tippee to design & develop ideas for a new innovative product that could benefit parents & be visually appealing for children.

Our involvement initially started with brainstorming ideas, turning these into sketches, and eventually producing a physical prototype of the product, ready for mass production.

The overall goal of this project was to produce a children’s drinks bottle that would be functional and visually appealing at the same time. The No Knock® cup is a unique open top cup for toddlers that won’t tip over, allowing families to enjoy mealtimes without the mess. The challenge was how to save innocent carpets, rugs and tabletops from accidental spills when kids are on the move.

We needed to display our depth of knowledge within an industry like this, understanding what pain points parents face when bottle-feeding their children, how we can solve these and how to appeal to the child to want to use the bottle.

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In the insight phase of our work with Tommee Tippee, we conducted research into what characters children are most intrigued by. We quickly concluded that animals were a predictable but playful slant and a diverse range can be used, giving multiple choices to choose from.

We researched the different styles of lids and found that the lid and cup combination encourages little ones to sip rather than suck as recommended by dentists.

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Our product design team worked collaboratively with Tommee Tippee to produce sketches of what the No Knock® cups would look like, drawing up multiple iterations with different animals as the lids.

After this, to better visualise the products, we produced renders. The renders were varied, with plain lids consisting of different drinking holes & lips. Alongside these were renders with animal designs on them, including turtles, geckos & pandas.

Prototypes of the bottles and their silicone lids were created as the cup had to achieve the goal of being ‘no-knock,’ so regardless of anything, the bottle had to stand firm on hard surfaces.

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To validate our designs, we had to make sure:

    - The cups wouldn’t spill easily.
    - They were easy to pick up.
    - Stood firm on solid surfaces.
    - Had a fun design that would appeal to a younger age group.
    - The drinking lips were suitable for children & there were no hazards.
    - All materials were regulated and approved by relevant statutory bodies.

All these criteria were tested & validated by our experienced product development team. Feedback sessions with Tommee Tippee were conducted throughout our design processes.


A range of fun removable animal themed lids designed to allow kids to use their favourite cup off the table whilst still minimising spills.

Product Brainstorming
We brainstormed ideas for developing a children’s no-knock cup. This included extensive research into the child’s feeding market. A sector that Tommee Tippee was determined to explore and further enabling children to develop through learning to feed themselves.

Multiple variations of lids were sketched. Sketches included multiple animals such as owls, bears, pandas, geckos and turtles, with feedback notes attached.

Render Visualisation Renders of the No Knock® cups were made. These renders helped to visualise the lids and compare. Different styles of drinking lips were produced to make sure that feeding for children was optimal, along with different shapes and animal options.

Lid Prototyping
With our partners, AME-3D, we produced the CAD for a lid & SLA printed the prototypes so we could test how the lid would fit on the cup. Prototyping helped us make design refinements before Tommee Tippee decided to go to mass production.