Microbiosensor | Infection prevention

Translating intellectual property into effective product outcomes

We guided start-up healthcare company, Microbiosensor, in turning its infection detection chemistries into commercially viable products.

Medical device use is one of the highest risk factors for patients contracting an infection. One particularly susceptible group are kidney dialysis patients, as the long-term use of an invasive medical device increases their infection risk.

Translating intellectual property into effective product outcomes was the challenge, MicroBioSensor had their innovative life-saving idea, but we had to develop ways to turn this idea into a functioning product that worked accurately and could be integrated into nurses' medical routines with patients.

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We planned a development strategy that would push MicroBioSensor’s infection prevention device through to the market.

Research into how the infection detection device would be incorporated into peritoneal dialysis patients’ health routine. This included the creation of diagrams to show the mapping of the device.

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Concept drawings and diagrams were produced to show each individual element that would make up the device. These included the route that samples may take and colour charts which would indicate infection and advise medical professionals appropriately.


Test runs of using the device were carried out to ensure its accuracy.


We planned, created and delivered a development strategy to produce a ground-breaking device that provides an early warning system for infection in peritoneal dialysis patients. With a simple change of colour, the low-cost device promptly identifies an escalating infection.

The device enables nurses to intervene at the earliest opportunity. They can prevent or minimise the infection and subsequently reduce the requirement for hospitalisation. By using the device to identify the most appropriate antibiotic course, the risk of antibiotic resistance in peritoneal dialysis patients is reduced.