INK Aviation | Compact check-in kiosk

Putting user experience at the centre of air travel

Air travel software and hardware specialists, INK Aviation, wanted to evolve and enhance a passenger’s experience of passing through an airport.

We researched the challenges and issues faced by both airports and passengers to gain an in-depth understanding. We identified that the airports needed a space-efficient, automated check-in system, while passengers wanted simple, intuitive and stress-free self check-in processes.

Together we created an ecosystem of products, the most popular being a compact sized check-in kiosk that maximised airport space and offered passengers all the functional features they needed for a stress-free start to their journey.


"biild’s frictionless, thorough, and collaborative approach has enabled us to quickly respond to the continually evolving needs of our customers, significantly enhancing our product offering and position in the market."

CEO, Ink Aviation

An intuitive user experience, making passengers happier and airports more efficient.