Gumption Squad | Griffin

Designing props for immersive literature experiences

Gumption Squad is a product of The Feminist Directory. They aim to empower children with role models at a pivotal stage in their development by offering a subscription series for kids ages 7-11 that spotlights the stories of women through history.

They approached us to manufacture and design some costume pieces for their latest storytelling event.

The costumes pieces were to be worn by actors who were interacting with children within large spaces and needed to be recognisable from a distance as well as from a photograph.

The costume’s shoulder piece is a key storytelling feature. It needs to communicate the historical nature of the secret society whilst not being antiquated.

On a practical note, the actors needed to be able to move comfortably, even when they were being very physical. The pieces needed to be lightweight enough to wear all day but durable to withstand long hours and tiny hands.

Render Design Services Product Rendering


Gumption Squad approached us looking for costume pieces that were going to be distinctive, adaptable and visible from a distance. They had initial sketches of where they would have liked an animal to be perched on the shoulder but were undecided on which creature to use.

Our design team looked over their sketches and began to research more about the immersive literature stories that Gumption Squad told. We knew it was important to align the creature to the story and meet the demands of our client. In this research, we looked into modern style griffin variations.

Design for Additive Manufacture Product Design


Working closely with our partners, AME-3D, we created a CAD file for the finalised Griffin designs. This was then 3D printed using an industrial SLA machine and hand-finished by our designers.


Testing this design meant that it had to fit securely onto a fabric costume and be lightweight.

The finished model was attached to a costume and ensured fitment was correct.


The griffins now allow Gumption Squad to carry out their immersive literature with high-quality costumes.

CAD Creation
From the creature choice, a CAD file was created.

Realistic renders were produced to give our client a real-feel for their chosen creature.

Design For Additive Manufacture
Our designs ensured that the product was viable and ready for additive manufacturing straight away through our comprehensive three stage product design process.