Arquella | Nurse Call System

Supporting a startup's journey

Biild supported Arquella’s journey by evolving their vision of redefining the care industry into a successful company.

Together with Arquella, biild developed a range of products including an integrated nurse call system and interface to empower care home nurses to deliver their care with ease.

This nurse call system has an intuitive user interface and collects data for care providers to review and use to shape the level of care delivered. This improves the care homes’ overall efficiency and subsequently saves on costs. We used our iterative design approach with our in-house 3D printing and low volume production facilities to quickly develop and launch these care products.

Thanks to Arquella and biild’s efforts, care home residents keep their independence while having an easy way to get help when needed. Care home nurses can focus on the individual person rather than the data, as the Arquella system automates this for them.

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“Introducing disruptive technology into traditional industries is a difficult task but can reap huge rewards when done well. biild's UI and UX experience gave us a distinct competitive advantage and is the foundation of our success.”

Commercial Director, Arquella

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