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Without change now, we face the irreversible effects of a throw away culture that hasn't taken responsibility for its actions. We are committed to designing with people, planet and business in mind encouraging others to adopt purpose with pragmatism.

For us, design is more than a creative journey to realise a product . It needs to understand the impact that product will have from manufacture to use, from use to disposal and disposal to recycling, reusing or re-lifing.  This informs the product development journey, keeps landfill contributions low and ensures real purpose for the products we create, both in use and after use.

We're building this into our DNA and as you engage with us, you hold us accountable for our decisions along the way. Below is our commitment to each other in the team and the clients we work with. 




Strategy and planning can make or break a project. That’s why how we think is important for you to know. We approach each project with the following core principles.



1. Together we start with success in mind


Our goal is your success and that drives the decisions we make along the way. We want to see your product on the shelves, delighting your customers, and positively impacting all of our lives.



2. Together we leave no stone unturned


The problems we all face in this new era are serious and can be very overwhelming, but we need a positive mindset to find solutions. You can rely on our tenacity and resourcefulness.



3. Together we break the mould


Your ambition is to create products and services that deliver positive change. The best way to do this is with a mindset that looks beyond what is and implements what should be.





How you feel is important to us. We’ve worked with some of our clients for 10, 15 and even 20 years now. That can only be achieved through trust and by taking the time to build lasting relationships. Here’s how we aim to support you in your product journey.



1. Together we make it right


No matter how well you plan, there are always unforeseeable obstacles along the way. However, there’s no need to worry. We’ve overcome challenges from complex material sourcing to learning about rocket science in record time. We’ll always make things right.



2. Together we realise the potential


You believe in your product and have the drive to make it succeed. We share your enthusiasm and will explore all possibilities to ensure your idea reaches its full potential.



3. Together we enjoy the journey


The best solutions are found through testing, evaluating, and trying again.

A first draft rarely gets you the solution you need. We’re brave enough to fail, as nothing beats solving a complex problem and seeing the solution bring joy to others.





Actions speak louder than words. Our most important promise to you is to deliver. With our in-house facilities we can go beyond theory and proactively support your manufacturing strategy.



1. For us, it's all in the detail


You need to think big and can rely on us to look after the details, whether that’s the mechanical details or the aesthetic details, we’ve got your back.



2. We focus where it matters


Product development can’t be rushed but it needn’t be endlessly delayed either. By collaborating with you and understanding what you count as success, we will focus on bringing your project over the line in the best possible way.



3. Together we rise to the challenge


No challenge is too big or too small for us. Over the years, we’ve supported Dettol enter a brand-new market they knew little about, saved people from serious injury of exploding manhole covers, and even learnt rocket science. Like you, we want people’s lives to be filled with products that create a better world.



Purpose with pragmatism


These values and behaviours combined make up our purpose with pragmatism ethos.

Together we need to think big with a positive mindset to face the environmental and societal challenges of the world, and together we need to apply practical solutions to turn an ideal into a reality.

We’ve got the skills and the experience to guide your product from concept to manufacture to market and beyond. Together we can build successful, purpose-led products that matter.


 Together we biild.


purpose with pragmastism -Tim Stern reviewing CAD files

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