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Starting an ambitious business can be tough and, as a small business ourselves, we know the hardships of running an organisation, within this economic climate. If you have a groundbreaking idea, you may need the help of a product design and development consultancy to get the wheels in motion. Understanding how outsourcing product design and DFM can give you a competitive edge could mean utilising an agency to their full potential or falling flat.  


Innovation Funding 

We understand that funding is a common problem when developing a new product. However, your business is registered within the UK, there are a range of Government-backed grants that can help you to succeed. At present, there are 52 Innovation funding schemes available, all for a range of UK businesses, working in a plethora of different sectors, from food to transformative technologies. In addition, many of these Innovation grants and support schemes are encouraging sustainability-related business practices, meaning that, if your company has plans to create a product that is deemed to be environmentally friendly, you may be eligible for more funding options. 


How Can An Agency Help Your Startup Business? 

With Biild, our unique approach to working with SMEs means that we can tailor every service to your product and in-house goals. This is achieved through our 3-stage process. 



Researching your ideal marketplace and target audience will always drive our product design and development. Successful products are made, by understanding the landscape in which they sit, therefore gaining a profound understanding of who your ideal customer is, what social, cultural and environmental pain points they have, then crafting a totally bespoke design, to meet their needs.  


A product development agency can help you to identify and explore product opportunities, emerging trends and curate something special that meets market requirements and is environmentally aware. Having detailed evidence of this will ensure that all decisions going forward are made with precision and forethought. 



Once our team of designers have been inspired with their findings, at the Insight phase, we take this opportunity to gain feedback and confirm that our priorities all align. The Create phase is all about assessing intent, feasibility and positioning of a product. Often, this is when Startup resources and knowledge become stretched, therefore hiring a product consultancy can open up a world of possibilities.  



The Create phase allows us to let our product design creativity flow, however, the Validate phase offers a sobering angle. This is the time when we focus on the useability of a product, test it within its marketplace and ensure that it remains in line with the agreed-upon objectives. Of course, by testing, monitoring and evaluating, we mitigate risk, when it comes to the development and manufacturing processes. This step requires significant resources and specialist capabilities, meaning that it can be a cost-effective way of validating your design, when compared to hiring and buying in, internally.  

We can tap into our existing and trusted network, to give you a tried and tested product, ready for rollout. 

To find out more about how biild can help your product design journey, contact us on or call us on 01909 499 017 today.    

How A Product Design Agency Can Help Startups Gain Competitive Advantage

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By Aaron Seager