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Since 2000, AME Group have been supporting businesses with product development. Our team of designers and product developers deliver design solutions across multiple markets.   

We’ve honed our design skills and gained unique insight and experience.  More recently we have witnessed growing frustrations from consumers and companies. Landfills are filling up with products that don’t matter, and consumers are turning their backs on brands that create for creation’s sake.


Consumers now demand products that respond to the social, environmental and economic challenges we all face.  


Those who fail to adapt could face big loses. In 2021, £3.8bn of revenue was lost for UK brands boycotted by consumers on ethical or social concerns.  



Change is in the air. Let’s face it together.



The world is changing and so too are consumers.  

  • Globally, 85% people have shifted their purchase behaviour towards being more sustainable, as discovered by the (2021 Global Sustainability Study). 
  • 66% of consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase (The Economist 2019).
  • 88% of consumers want brands to help them live sustainably (Futerra 2018).
  • 3 in 4 are willing to pay 10.6% above the average price for products that are purpose-led (biild 2022). 

We’re in the middle of a consumer revolution. 



New world thinking


Many brands talk about environmental, inclusive, and ethical products, but only few brands are creating these and doing so profitably. The UN reckons we have only 11 years left to avoid irreversible damage from climate change and people aren’t happy with the talk about change. They want action.

The old world saw product design as a linear process, with specific stages to overcome and an end goal of getting to market.


The new world looks at product design as a cycle.


Purpose is the driving force behind it all with people, planet, product, and profit continuously validated to create products that matter, that positively impact lives, and which have a sustainable end life plan.

Our long-term goal is to re-shape how products can be responsibly designed and manufactured. But purpose alone isn’t enough. It needs pragmatism.


Purpose with pragmatism


We built biild to empower our clients to do good, while growing their business.

By combining client excellence with sustainability and innovation, we can make a positive impact with purpose-driven products together.

We aim to be at the forefront of the new era of product development.


With our in-house facilities, we can offer a unique end-to-end service that takes products from an idea to market and through to a responsible end life plan.


Like you biild is on a journey of evolution and transformation. We understand that the new era of product development poses practical challenges. You may be at the beginning or your journey or half-way but regardless of where you are, you want to collaborate with people who listen, understand, respond, and deliver.

We know that purpose is profitable and that it’s what your customers want. We believe the way forward is to champion purpose with pragmatism, and that together we can find a pragmatic way to build responsibly and ensure your business thrives.

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