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We believe in a future where we all have the right to more responsible products.

We are a purpose-led product development consultancy supporting you to make transformational change.

We help you create commercially successful products that answer the call for inclusivity and sustainability.

We deliver purpose with pragmatism and work with you to make it happen.

Your challenge

Customers are demanding innovative products that respond to the social, environmental and economic challenges we all face.

We know meeting these challenges isn’t easy. That’s why we are supporting companies to deliver products that enable sustainable growth now.

We’ve identified three responses to the challenges you face, each designed to turn your ambition for change into successful and responsible products.


Invent-2-1 Invent-2-1


Replace-2-1 Replace-2-1


Refine-2 Refine-2


We’re well versed in ambiguity and can help you realise new product opportunities. Whether your product solution is sparked by a step-change in consumer behaviours, or driven by market trends, we’ll help make your vision a reality.


Sometimes you need to replace your offering to avoid being left behind. When products reach the end of their life or when there’s a shift in consumer demand, we’ll help you stay relevant.


Small changes and modifications can have a big impact with minimal investment. Technological developments, add-ons, or aesthetic improvements can breathe new life into your existing products.

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